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I will probably get banned for asking this but......


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Does anyone have a hack that can overload a laptop/fry the processor. My laptop is on it's last legs (i've had it since 2012) & I really need a new one but i'm flat broke and I was gonna ask my parents(yes I still live with my parents i'm in a wheelchair & can't live alone) for a new one but they're both so old fashion and won't let me get a new one unless it's totally DOA. They're in the mindset that if it still turns on it still works as it should. Which is not the case as all/most of you know. Like I said i've searched around and I know i'll probably get banned for asking this but yeah. I'm looking for a program and not like a USB killer. I have no way of ordering/making one myself.

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(Your trying to kill the labtop?)

Good luck with this.


when the system reaches a dangerous temp it powers off... You might have to put a decent amount of effort into this.


You could give it a black screen. From the bios disable the hard drive.


or a little water. Let it dry out before you beg for a new one.

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It's funny how laptops die at the most improbable of moments, and then when we try so hard to kill them they won't die... :(

That said, I don't think it's wise to encourage a child to trick his parents into buying a new laptop for him. Not the wisest thing to do..

Wait till your PC does Windows updates and take out the battery while it says "DO NOT TURN OFF PC". You'll probably get a blue screen after that. At best, bad blocks which means dead drive.

If you're lucky enough maybe your laptop will update to the latest Windows update and it'll break Windows' boot partition. I know a bunch of laptops have done that with the recent Windows updates.

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On 16/03/2018 at 2:59 PM, Erased523 said:

Update: Didn't have to destroy the laptop. Ended up pulling the trigger & getting a new one anyway tonight. Selling my current one to a family member for $500. Not too bad considering I bought it way back in 2013.

$500?! Sounds like a rip off from your description of the laptop..

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