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LM All 120GB Rainbow Tables Done!


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Would you quit with the "zomg it wuz a gimmick and i need 2 crak shit"? This was a community project, 120GB is a lot of file, and that needs a lot of bandwidth. No-one was obliged to seed this at all, just be lucky there's people out there that do this. This project has been going a while now and people can't seed a 120GB for insanely long periods of time. You wanna help? Sure, I'm sure that'd be most welcome, but in the meantime, don't complain.

what do you want your money back?

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Yay! The joys of customer service!

USER : "How dare they, its not been working for days! It must be crap, junk and rubbish! Its a scam! I'm going to complain!"

TECH : "oh crap, has it stopped again? type "start" and wait ten mins"

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