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help/ideas/advice before I buy a ducky


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hi everyone

I just want to check the ducky is the right thing for me before I buy it, or if I'd be better off with something else, (bunny?) and I'd like to make sure either of them can do what I want...

trying to win a bet with a friend to 'hack' each other - it was his turn last time, he  installed team viewer while I was on the toilet, then laughed at me about how easy it was!... so I'd like to do something a bit more '"professional"' in return


I'd like to plug the USB into his machine (it can be left in) and then be able to anonymously remote into that machine


I've read up on some of this being done, I *think* it'll need it to...

install itself

enable rdc

connect to outside server

maybe key logging for login password ?

(firewall rules? checking for open ports?)


then I need to get his IP address from the remote server and (this is the bit where I'm stuck) then I need to connect to him via rdc

but... how do I get past his firewall?

is there something else I can use instead of rdc so the connection will be initiated from his machine? - or can I make rdc do that?


thanks in advance for any help/pointers you can give



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TeamViewer can easily be stopped though as it shows on the bottom right corner of your screen that he's connected, and you can just click "Disconnect" or whatever to disconnect him from you, so I wouldn't say that's a very efficient hack.

Maybe look into a silent VNC server, MITM attacks, rogue AP to collect his data etc. etc.

Don't do anything that will risk losing his data or opening his firewall to the outside world open to attacks from other hackers who won't think twice about crypto-ing his machine or whatever.

I wouldn't usually condone this kind of purposeful hacking but seeing as it's a friendly competition..That said, there are some things that you don't even try in friendly competitions.

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