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Bash Bunny Crippled!


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So yesterday I plugged the BB into a windows machine in arming mode. Windows Defender picked up on some malware that I had stored on the root drive. I clicked the defender notification to see what FUD payload it had picked up, and in reading the synopsis, I clicked the 'complete actions' button. When defender was done doing whatever it did, my BB loads like this now: bashbunny.jpg


I have tried rebooting the BB using two methods, Darrens method (3x plug/unplug then leave it in) and the other method (3x plug/unplug, then switch to switch 1, then switch to arming after reboot). Neither of which have done anything. The BB remains crippled. 

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Yes I can still write to disk. I have attempted placing various firmware versions and flashing to see if that would resolve my issue. I'm sad to say that it will flash, add a few empty folders and keep the other junk files in place.

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