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Bridge 2 Wifi-interfaces


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Hi there !

my setup

AP: AP121U (ALFA)  - external Wifi-card: AR9271 (ALFA)

If I flash the pinapple firmware on the AP121U, will it recognise the AR9271 and will I be able to use it as an range extender ?

I need to bridge both wireless interfaces.

Right now, the AP121U is running openwrt(lede) and I cannot figure out how to do it. So I am hoping that maybe the Pinapple firmware

makes it easier. Any help very very much apreciated. Thanx !!

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Im not sure about that exact model of ALFA card but after flashing the AP121U with the pineapple firmware you should install the networkmanager module.  You may also need to use a powered USB hub to connect the adapter to the pineapple.  I know there were several reports with issues connecting high power consumption adapters directly to the AP121U port.

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