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NETMODE CLONE does not let traffic thorugh the PS firewalls to the clone/target


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I tried setting my PS to NETMODE CLONE, and that works the way I want it to, except for traffic TO the target-PC or clone is stopped by the PS.

I am looking to deploy a PS in front of a target and I want the rest of the network to be able to use the target as normal. The PS will introduce some new services on the target that from the rest of the network will seem to originate from the target/clone. The only way to notice the PS would be physically or from the target if you traceroute as per the current CLONE you must traverse the squirrels lan.

So for example if the PS is deployed in front of a printer that has a public IP everything about the printer will continue to function as normal from the rest of the networks perspective. At the same time if you access one of the services introduced by the PS, say ssh on port 8000 you will reach the PS instead and can get into the PS.

I have managed to set up my services the way I want them. But I am struggling with setting up the network.

Is this possible? If so can you point me in a direction or to any documentation?

Any pointers are welcome.

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