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I have a habit of ssh(ing) into these devices & not being able to recover connections or retrieve data. 

What I did manage to do was recover data from TCPDUMP, so I can add that to my limited skillset (no pride here lol) 

Can anyone help me with the next steps? I am confident in my skills, but somewhat lost with the steps. 

I know, self taught is best but some of the steps are unclear leaving one to try different commands until something does work!



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4 hours ago, Crypto_Que said:

not being able to recover connections

you can use screen to recover terminal sessions - a Raspberry Pi guide as example

4 hours ago, Crypto_Que said:

or retrieve data

If you prefer a GUI you can use filezilla to move data/files back and forth from your OpenWRT devices.

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Thanks team, I have been trying to get in more time to practice. You all gave very good answers to my question. This is why I choose Hak5 over the uhhhh 

competitors non-existant customer support. A Minipwner OG also reached out to me. So away I go practice practice practice. Thanks again. Peace. 

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Can't believe it has been 2 mos. since I last picked up this project. To bring you all up to speed, I have successfully gotten back into the packet squirrel, and installed Ovpn

I believe I am at the last step, cannot....scp root@myserveraddress:client.ovpn .  This is the order of steps per the hak5 video on the packet squirrel. This is the output from the command:  connect to host port 22: Network is unreachable. The command fails no matter which server/IP I use. Any suggestions? Maybe I skipped a step. Thanks again everyone. 

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