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Has anyone hacked the ACT testing system?


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5 hours ago, Voltyvelvet said:

Hi all, I want to know if anyone ever changed test scores without getting caught because I want to learn how since no one wants to do it for me. : (

Why don't you instead put the same effort into studying to get real grades? it will also help show you areas of strength and weakness - which can help steer your personal career path choices. Dont think anyone if going to really help you with this.

If your determined, im sure you will find a way... however, why? its a short term fix to a long term problem imo.

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2 hours ago, Glowinghot666 said:

I just start dropping shells on teachers laptops and so forth. Anyways it's pretty risky I would just study hard 


One way to do it, I guess.

Not entirely legal, but it might work - but I know a lot of teachers don't really have a list of answers for tests because oftentimes they don't run the tests (especially if it's exams).

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