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I am not a linux expert but I purchased two Pineapple products for a number of self interested applications. I also purchased the A Guide To the Top WIFI Auditing Toolkit and found it lacking in details. I am looking for more verbose technical direction, something I can learn from, an admin guide, anything that will help me setup and operating the two pineapple products I own, the Nano and Tectra. For example, I opened a shell on the Nano to try and find the path to the Micro SD card but I don't know how to find it; LS -a, dir, LS doesn't work, after you stop laughing, I know, it must be some linux kernal I've never heard of and this guy is starting from scratch, what a noob! 

The CLI on the Nano assumes I know the path as it has no file explorer option to open available locations or select a path; I have to now the path. Yes, I'm a Windows guy.

I admit, I'm a total noob but I want to RTFM but I can find anything other than a useless pamphlet. Where are the admin manuals? How do I find my micro SD card to put it into the PineAP logging location.




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