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Defective Cable=Usb "Disabler"


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So Have on of those ozobot things and it's cable has one heck of a defect whenever something that needs power is plugged in to the micro-usb end then once the other end hits anything that's does not have protection for a killer of all things it will disable but unlike the killer when I unplug it the device comes back to life I want to know how does this perfect defect make it a "disabler" it might help I mention that macOS gives it's "USB port drawing too much power. The device that is plugged into it will be deactivated." when it gets hit

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Generally speaking, power surges will just outright kill either a device or a port. I've melted many devices by accidentally plugging in a power cable of too high voltage. You are lucky that your ports come back to life after you zap them, but I wouldn't recommend trying to use something like this for any practical application. If you google USB killer, there are videos of people using special devices to short-circuit many devices. It seems your robot isn't powerful enough to actually kill your stuff, but I wouldn't risk it

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