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Best wifi usb for kali


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Alrighty, so I had this exact same question a couple weeks ago and it comes up often, so here is my answer:

I have an Alfa AWUS036ACH, it is not plug-and-play with Kali. You can get it to work if you know how to manually configure and build drivers, but it is not straightforward. Literally just a couple hours ago, I got one of my friends with more technical knowledge to configure it for me, and I copied down the commands he used to configure it and may try making it into a script soon.

I also have a TPlink TL-WN722N, which isn't dual-band, but looks similar to the one in the picture in the link you provide, and was the most popular interface for this task for a long time. However, the newest versions (V2 and higher) do not support monitor mode and packet injection. So this one is a no-go.

What I would recommend if you are getting started is an Alfa AWUS036NHA. It has great driver support and range, is relatively inexpensive, is plug-and-play with everything I've tried, and Is just downright neat. I know it doesn't have two antennas, which may be a real turn-off, but dual-band actually isn't very helpful while you are still learning. If you know what you are doing, then you can buy expensive wifi equipment and have it do whatever you want. But there is little reason to spend a lot of money and end up not using the interface because it is difficult to configure.


Is there any specific reason you prefer dual-band?

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