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Using Squirrel as Remote Gateway with OpenVPN Access Server

Master Luc

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Hi everyone, want to make sure I am thinking this is capable.

I want to place my Packet Squirrel at home on a Verizon network say Public WAN IP of

I have my OpenVPN Access Server configured at Public IP

I am at a remote location with a computer on a Public IP of

Can I connect to the OpenVPN Access Server and have all my traffic routed out of the original Verizon network at I get that I could access local devices on that network but I'm hoping to be able to have all my traffic pass through the packet squirrel so that if I use a geotargetted service or even IP targetted (ie: Verizon Streaming TV) it comes from my home address. I know if I was running my OpenVPN AS there it would be fine, but curious if I can have it go out the squirrel's DHCP connection on that home LAN. Thanks! 

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Hey @Master Luc,
if you don't need to route all the traffic at a lower level you could simply use SSH to create a quick and dirty SOCKS5 proxy.
Say your PS'' OpenVPN IP is, from your laptop you could do something like:

ssh -f -D root@ -p 22 -N -q

This simply creates background SSH connection (-f) binding local port 2222 (-D to user root at port 22 (root@ -p 22) without executing any other commands (-N) and without printing debug informations/errors (-q).
In your Firefox configuration you can now use localhost port 2222 as a SOCKS5 proxy and route all traffic through your home connection.
Note that by using the proxy will listen on your every available interface, meaning you can use your laptop as a gateway for other devices in your LAN (a Smart TV, another laptop, etc...). If you don't need to do that however I advise you to use, as listening on every interface is a security risk.

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