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Kali installer missing from latest Kali Live?


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So, i am redoing my laptop again.  I am doing it by hand with 2 different linux distros.  I am installing them on the same encrypted volume.  I have done this dozen of times before but first time I am doing it with Kali.  Issue, Kali live disk does not have an installer when booted in the live preview like other OSes does.  It is supposed to but I think Rapid 7 thought it was a good idea to pull it out in their latest version for some reason.  Anyone know how to get it back on the live CD or another way to launch it.

Before answers roll in or questions check these out first.

No, you cannot use the bootup installer on a disk already encrypted and I do not want to wipe it because it has one of my OSes installed in it already.

No, you cannot use bootup installer unless you know a way to load cryptsetup so I can open up my encrypted volume which is why I need the installer in the live environment.


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