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Konboot on a bunny


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I'd like to see a discussion about booting stuff through the bunny( tiny stuff like konboot). lets assume we are restarting a pc( bunny will not be ready before the pc and bunny shouldnt shut down right?). can it wait for a boot or can a switch position become a USB bootable device? Hope i somehow make sense.

if the pc shuts down, is it safe to use a power battery to keep bunny online? like the one used with the wifi pineapple? we could possibly remove the 7sec delay with this. the usb is ready to attack and we set a while loop. while there is no OS, delay (time). if its plugged,execute attack

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USB 3.0 SS ports run direct from the power supply and work when the PC is off, so you can use one of those to start the BB and then boot from that.

Otherwise, you should be able to go into boot options, wait for the BB to come up and then go to BIOS and boot from the BB.

The problem with the battery pack is the fact that you still have to unplug it from the battery and into the PC. Unless you have a pass-through battery (USB in and USB out on either end of a battery) that takes power from the PC, stores it and then powers the BB while the PC is off then it couldn't work.

Hope this helps!

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