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client mode on wlan0?


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8 hours ago, zeinir said:

The only interface option i get in client mode is wlan1 which interferes with pineAP. Also tried nmcli over ssh but it's not installed and I cant find it on opkg.

using wlan0 for client mode would interfere with both PineAP and also the management wifi network. So isnt recommended under normal use, im guessing it has even been removed from the drop down to limit accidental use.

If you want to use client mode while using PineAP its best done with a 3rd radio plugged in the usb port which would become wlan2. that way you can use all PineAP operations and maintain access.

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44 minutes ago, HammY said:

Is there only certain models of wifi dongles that work this way ? I have a netgear WNDA3100 plugged in, but my client mode still only has wlan1mon as an option.

We probably don't ship the driver for your particular card. What chip is it? 

Edit: the WNDA3100v1 is supported (atheros based), but the WNDA3100v2 is not (Broadcom based). 

Edit edit: @Just_a_User is right about wlan0. It would break the main operation of the device. If you wanted to, you could read up on openwrt wireless, and configure the radios to your liking via ssh. 

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