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I am looking for a program that gets passwords thats simple and works. I tried cane and able and some other shit but i never get alot of results.

Also, a keylogger that cant be detected and runs in stealth

lastly, a program that makes it so u can call people and on the caller id it will say w/e u want it to.

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i seriously think people would be much more likely to get help on here if they spelt properly

"u" is not a word

sure "you" and "ewe" are both words, but "u" is not

similarly "kno" is not a word

it's spelt "know"

simple things like this, otherwise u r not goin 2 get n e help

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lol this has to be like 1 week, no mabye 2 a week, that there is a post like this.

Okay in ur last post u said u want to know good programers, this site holds many (i am not one), there is a huge difference btwn good programers great programers and skiddie programers, Hak5 has great and good. Skiddie Programers are not here.

U want passwords? stealing ur sisters hotmail password so u can look at her boyfriends nudes that were sent to her are not on, and kinda lame like a llama.

Keylogging ur sisters cyber sex with her boyfriend, is not on, and like very lama like a llama, and u should never keep it in the family.

Lastly, a program that makes it so u can call people... its called a public pay phone, then phreking ur sisters boyfriends # so that u can call ur sister, again with the keepin it in the family, so treably wrong.


i wanna frisbee manual

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