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Symantec endpoint encryption bypass ?


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I need to pentest a notebook with symantec endpoint encryption enabled. The notebook normally connects to the domain controller and has win7 installed. Is it possible to bypass this kind of security in case of theft? Where do i start?

Any help would be appreciated

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That's not a pentest.

First, define your risks, for example, stolen when turned on, turned off, standby, sleep. Then take each of those scenarios and see what state the drive is in and see if you can access it locally or remotely.

If it is on and there is VNC with no password then FDE does nothing, if it is off and the password for the encryption I'd strong then you are likely to be OK. You need to think of all the different things between these two.

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The initial scenario is a notebook that is completely off. What i tried is to setup a fake domain controller and try to gain access as a cashed domain user but that didn't work. So i am running out of options. Maybe thats also a good thing for my boss?

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Does the machine boot from fully off without requiring a password? If so, look for open ports, see what services it is running that are exposed to see if any of those can be exploited.

See what the box calls out to when booted, do any of those include credentials? Can any of those be intercepted? Maybe an app checks for updates that you can intercept and reply with a custom one.

I've not kept up on them, but do the FireWire attacks still work? There was a DMA issue where you could read memory. There was a second interface type that also allowed it, can't remember which it was.

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Can't execute a DMA/firewire  attack because the firewire port is not available on the notebook.

I set up a fake company Domain Controller but no results.

I scanned for open ports, but nmap finds nothing.  Also monitored the network but there was nothing interesting happening.

Seems to me a pretty secure notebook ;-)

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