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Hak5 episode 1908: trying to get rfcat going on Pentoo usb stick


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Howdy folks, thanks for any comments, I am stuck basically because Pentoo doesn't have the apt-get command. I've looked on Gentoo forums but have no idea what commands to use. Something to do with 'emerge' but the syntax is totally unfamiliar to me.

(1) In one of the other Episodes, Pentoo is recommended. But in Ep. 1908, we have:

wget https://bitbucket.org/atlas0fd00m/rfcat/downloads/rfcat_150225.tgz
tar zxvf rfcat_150225.tgz
cd rfcat_150225
sudo apt-get install python-usb
sudo python setup.py install
sudo rfcat -r

I'm fine till i get to "sudo apt-get install python-usb' because pentoo/gentoo doesn't have apt-get. What 'emerge' command can i substitute, and will that even work. And will the *next* line (sudo python setup.py install) work as is in Pentoo.


I could go back and use Ubuntu 14 for everything, but then why did i get Pentoo? Thanks...      --orrin

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Update, an hour later: I got rfcat working under Ubuntu14 using the Ep. 1908 procedures, and rfcat communicates with the Yardstick, and the Yardstick communicates (is received by) an rtl-sdr across the room, so i'm a happy camper.

But i  would still like to resolve the pentoo-on-a-stick issue. Thank you, hundra tak.

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Please Understand that Hak5, is just a marketing ploy, they can not answer actual technical questions right away, basicly there clown shoes. what you need to understand is pentoo is similar but not same as gentoo, if your doing SDR then download the Ubuntu 16.04 version just for SDR, , Don'y try and mess with pentoo, unless you know, then theres no reason to use it, just google Ubuntu GRC

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CnetExpo, thanks for the reply. That was February 9, and i've learned a bunch since then, and i keep notebooks on it because i won't remember it all!

Basically, right now i'm using Pentoo-on-a-stick to control a HackRF. I am not trying to install more programs on the usb stick, the Gentoo/Pentoo commands are not something i want to learn right now.

Then: i use Kali and Ubuntu 16 to control the YS1, and other tasks.

So i push-push-push on something until i either succeed or give up lol. I have about a 65% success rate. I just hate it when website instructions are outdated or wrong, plus there's my own klutz factor lol.

Heureux juillet ami


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