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Yardstick 1 implemented with RPi 3?


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I was wondering if a yardstick one could truly be made portable using a raspberry pi 3. I saw one post well i was searching the web, found it on this very site, but they were trying to use it with a pi 2. and apparently they were getting errors using it. I want to invest in the device but i dont carry a laptop around. If anyone has or know of someone pairing these things up id appreciate the feedback


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The Pi is a small arm linux box, so this is very feasible. You'd want to use software like GQRX to listen to signals, and there is plenty around for decoding. I've used my Pi 3 and Pi 2 with my RTL-SDR, and I haven't had any problems. I don't see how this would be any different. The yardstick one has linux drivers available, and this project shouldn't take too long to complete. 

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