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Setting back the BashBunny


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Hi there,

after several months without working with the BashBunny I wanted to reactivate it. So my first step was to update it to the newest firmware coming from version 1.1. I updated the BashBunny manually by storing the firmware 1.5 to the usb-root and restarting the bash bunny in arming mode. Version.txt shows: 1.5_298

Unfortunately something seems to be wrong with my BashBunny now:

Arming mode seems to work fine but no payload works at all. after the boot up green led the led stays black. 

I did several times a firmware recovery (by unplugging the BB after boot three times) which seemed to work according the police led pattern. But I still have the same behavior. I installed the BashBunny Updater, but it tells me everything is ok and up2date.

I wrote a little test payload, but even this simple script doesn't work:

# Title:             test
echo 'Setup phase running...' > /root/test-log.txt
sleep 10
echo 'Setup phase ended...' >> /root/test-log.txt
echo 'Attack phase started...' >> /root/test-log.txt
sleep 10
echo 'attack phase finished...' >> /root/test-log.txt
echo 'finishing test script...' >> /root/test-log.txt

The payload seems to run as the test-log.txt is written, but why is the LED  not working?

Anybody has an idea, what I could do? Is there a way to delete everything on my BB and bring in to an original state?

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As it seems the new commands for LED (SETUP, etc) are not recognized! If I do the script with the old commands (LED R, LED B, LED G) everything works... So this is probably the problem with all new features of the firmware, like all the bunny helpers... And therefore the payloads aren't working for me!

Any idea of what to do?

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OK, finally I found a working solution within the forum! Thanks to @PhantomMethod who found a working solution:


Issue resolved.  Not sure I'd recommend others to use this method.  Do so at your own risk.

1) While in Arming mode, remove all but the following files and folders

  • payloads
  • System Volume Information
  • readme.md
  • version.txt
  • win7-win8-cdc-acm.inf

2) While still in arming mode, edit the version.txt file to read 1.0_167.  I did this to fake the bunnyupdater into thinking an older firmware was loaded.

3) Eject the bash bunny and follow the Firmware Recovery instructions found on wiki.bashbunnny.com

4) Once back in arming mode, use the bunnyupdater found on this thread

5) If all goes well, this should reload the firmware and allow you to install tools.

I've just used this method and I'm still testing it's functionality.  So once again, use this method at your own risk.


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