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V4 firmware: Enabled modules never start on boot

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Further to my post about Netcat reverse shell not starting, I've spent more time with the LanTurtle trying to get it working. I've noticed that whatever module I enable, it doesn't run at boot.  I've also noticed that with the Netcat module there have been times where I've started the module, only to find that when I return to the main netcat module screen, it's not running.  Unsure how I got it working.  It's very frustrating as I'm currently left with a LanTurtle that I have to SSH into whilst at the same device it's plugged into.  Not overly covert :)

Has anyone else had problems with enabled modules not starting?  Not necessarily with V4 firmware, any version will do

Thanks in advance

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And I haven't had a issue.  Autostart runs on the modules I use.


The only fix I had to do was manualy set firewall rules to allow 22 on both interfaces


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