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Budget burner android phones


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This is my first post, but I've had some trouble finding much searching myself, so i thought i'd maybe give it a shot here.

I have been trying to find an android phone, thats cheap, yet stable enough to use with WIFI pineapple nano and as a display device for RPI 3, as well as powering a nodemcu. Now finding a cheap android smart phone, is as easy as walking into any gas station. The issue at hand is the stabilty of these devices. Sometimes they work well for a few weeks, and sometimes i have issues right off the get go. I've had a phone that continued to crash during setup, I never got past that point with it. Now i haven't tried using any of the devices I listed with a phone like such yet, but it seems like a way better idea then using a device that i've actually put money into, that I have personal information on, used social media with .etc Of course you cant be 100% anonymous using the internet or any device, but starting clean and being able to just start fresh without really hurting your wallet would be useful. Anyways. I was just wondering if anyone else has thought or acted on this sort of idea. 

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I generally just use my actual phone for such tasks. Having a WiFi pineapple plugged in doesn't make your phone more vulnerable to attack, and smartphones tend to be quite secure on their own in their first place (assuming you keep the software updated, as one should). In this respect, a burner phone may be less ideal if it is old enough that it no longer supports the latest updates. I have a couple extra phones that I use for things like Wigle wardriving, but they are just my previous cell phones. I have found that my daily phone is better suited for most tasks, and unless your use case involves a high chance of losing the device, security is not an issue.

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Nexus 5's are pretty good in my experience, however they're older and still fairly pricey for a burner phone.

There are lots of sub-$100 Android phones out there, but if you want one with decent processing power and RAM then you need to look a bit higher. There's a few phones out there that have more RAM than most home and SMB PCs (>4GB RAM).

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