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Hak5.org site design

Darren Kitchen

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Actually, I like the orange, I think it balances well with the color of skyscrapers in the city scape. Only comment would maybe be to reverse the gradient on the orange area to keep a good flow going with the bar right above it (currently it goes from light to dark, then to light to dark, it would be better going from light to dark, then dark to light)

Something seems off with the gray border(s) on the side. Maybe just a simple drop shadow would look better, imo.

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nah thats gayness.

theres a bar on your design under the logo that says trust your technolust.

add that bar, but put the forums, wiki links in it, and the search bar... like how they are currently.

dont add the orange thing with nav descriptions, those things r obvious.

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The godaddy and hitachi sponsor ads need to be "above the fold", i believe on a standard 1024x768 screen. Other than that there really arent many design requirements. I like the fact that this layout concept keeps whats important at the top; the latest episode, the links to episodes, forums, and wiki. the current design feels really cluttered and really blogish. i'd like to get away from that a bit but still keep the blog available for making announcements and the such.

anyone who wants to take a crack at it can feel free, I've posted the PSD at www.hak5.org/temp/concept4.rar


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Thought i'd do a little play on the brown theme. Just a first rendition/iteration.


I really like this. I just wish the primary navigation (forums, wiki, episodes), were more prominent. The top brown bar is a nice tough though, great place for search and feed. Also like the "Latest Episode 22". My eyes are pulled towards the latest episode, which is great. I like how the brown sidebar keeps the ads less distracting.

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