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TETRA Crashes on Deauth


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Hello there,

I'm experiencing constant Wifi Pineapple Crashes while running Deauth attacks against both 2,4 and 5GHz networks, even with having power adapter plugged in.

Since I really need Pineapple right now during wireless networks audit - I'm asking for some help what to do about that bug, get it around.

Also, during use of Beacon Response of PineAP I'm experiencing crashes. Device simply reboots itself.

Is there any mean of troubleshooting that?

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6 hours ago, Neeraj991 said:

Same issues here. No permission to see the content. Please help.

That thread was targeting a small number of devices that suffered the same issue - it has since been fixed. The cause of your problem is likely a power-related one. Please make sure you're powering the TETRA sufficiently with the included PSU.

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