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hey guys

i need help with what i should do next

so from when i was a kid i wanted to be a so called hacker ..i know what you see on tv is not real but wow it looked amazing, then about 2 years ago i installed KALI and then started  to explore the huge amount of tools and i must say i know my way around (not like crazy but enough to do a couple of cool things) so no i am 16 and wanting direction on what i should be doing with my spare time when i want to learn more when i turn 18 the very first thing im doing is doing a few courses at EC-council and cant wait......but obviously i cant do that now so what can i hahaha i definitely  plan to get a bash bunny, WiFi pineapple nano , packet squirrel soon ....now you may asking what my end goal is...and its to become a pen-tester or CEH and i know that with patience ill get there

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