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[Payload] Optical Exfiltrator


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This payload uses HID ONLY to exfiltrate data!

This code converts a selected file to base64, then chunks up the string based on the specified qr_string_size (Note: the larger the chunk size, the larger you'll need to set the qr_image_size, or you wont be able to read the QR Code). These Chunks are then converted into QR Codes and displayed in the browser and can be played back at a speed specified by the playback_delay setting.

Settings can be configured in index.min.html

Optional JavaScript URL Params:

base64: Passing a base64 string to this command will auto-start processing the file.

playback: Passing the string finish to this param will auto-play the results, when QR codes finish rendering.

Example: index.html?playback=finish&base64=my_long_base64_string

Big Buck Bunny (5.5mb) takes 6:30 minutes to process with the default settings, but I've gotten it to 3:57 by increasing the chunk size.

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