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Afternoon all,

I'm new to this so go easy...

I have a local network of VM's - an XP machine, a Server 2008 machine and a Kali machine all connected to a 'host only' network within VMWorkstation. The XP and SRV2008 are both fresh installs so there's nothing else installed on them.

I am trying to demo exploits using Armitage. I run the msf scan and find the hosts no problem. I then scan for attacks and the right click menu seems to change for each host, however none of them get the 'lightening bolt' to show that it can be exploited. I've tried running multiple random attacks from the right click menu however they all seem to fail with either 'timed out' or 'connection refused' errors. No firewalls on, Kali up to date etc.

Any help appreciated.

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