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ASM shellcode Creator [Reverse Shell]


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is a exploit pen test application I developed for users using linux such as debian ubuntu or kali OS.
This tool allows you to build a reverse shell binary file and can be set to run on any OS be it windows linux or mac.
Once the target windows/linux/mac system runs the shell binary they connect to your server giving you full control of the systems command prompt or shell from your server.
It works by utilizing a linux asm compiler called "nasm"
It takes target asm payload and allows you to customize the payload to your desired IP and port # through a easy GUI. Once configuration is done from GUI it will edit your input to the needed ASM hex strings using a custom python script. After which it will compile your new ASM into your target binary file.
To get a server running you can use netcat nc or ncat

ncat -lvkp 1344
ncat to accept more than one client connection to server

nc -lvp 1344
netcat -lvp 1344

Once target system runs the shell binary they will connect to your server allowing you to control there OS from the shell.
"keep in mind that your port or ip should not contain a 0, which could break it. If your IP contains a zero like or your port contains a zero like 80, the build will not work"
can test using as localhost server IP
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