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Hi guys,

I've been learning about how Metasploit functions over the same LAN, but recently I've been trying to find clear information on Metasploit's application in a situation where a reverse connection is to be implemented across a WAN, but have not come across a lot. I am not able to port forward, both my ISP and myself have tried (super silly situation). Therefore I am only interested in ways of acquiring a reverse connection over WAN without the use of port forwarding. Would be grateful if anyone could mention some tools/services/techniques used to accomplish this, or direct me to a good information source.

Thank you,


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you need a machine somewhere that can accept a connection...


You can use netcat pipes.

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An Internet-facing box is always ideal in this situation.  I find it most convient to stand up a quick VPS on Linode or BudgetVM or Digital Ocean.  You can usually do this for like a dollar a day or less.  

I simply install Metasploit on an Ubuntu VPS server and then enter the public IP address as the server I want the reverse connection back to.

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