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Open VPN Issue


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Hi Guys and Gals,


Ive recently set a OpenVPN on my home server running Ubuntu Server. I have managed to set it up to a point where i can connect to it via my laptop and phone whilst on and off the network, HOWEVER i have no internet coming through !!! 


Any ideas or help would be great.


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40 minutes ago, barry99705 said:

Can you ping over the connection?  If so, it's a DNS issue.  If you can't, it's a routing issue.

No all packets being lost. 

The VPN server is running on my home server (Ubuntu) and have connected but not working a android phone and a laptop on Windows 7 

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5 hours ago, Rainman_34 said:

On the ubuntu server forward ipv4 packets so vpn clients can get out. 

And how do you do that Rainman ? 

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