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I give the Packet Squirrel an external power supply


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53 minutes ago, tangquan said:

I give the Packet Squirrel an external power supply, the specific power supply situation。USB interface, the output voltage of DC 5V, the output current is not greater than 500 mA. ?

Not sure if your asking for the power consumption of the packet squirrel (120mA) or the max power output from the USB socket of the packet squirrel? (unknown mA)

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USB supplies are typically 2- 2.5 amperes at most.  The cables are not rated for more.  Some computers don't have that much current available at the USB A ports.

As stated, the Squirrel uses 120 ma.   Whatever you get from the USB A port of the squirrel would be the available input current - 120ma used by the squirrel.  Putting more than 2-2.5 amperes through any USB device could cause damage or even a fire.    All of this is pretty much common sense and based on general USB specifications and basic concepts of electricity.  I don't understand why you think the "output current is not greater than 500 ma".    

Giving it an external supply is necessary. It requires one.  USB A port or a quality wall module is typically all you need.

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