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why Router->Packet Squirrel->Modem playload switch 3 not work


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 Router->Packet Squirrel->Modem   can't connect to vpnserver why

Machine->Packet Squirrel -> Router->Modem it is ok , Can connect vpnserver

ethernet in is route wan port playload switch 3 vpn not link vpnserver,ethernet in lan port can link vpnserver


How to configure to work  Router->Packet Squirrel->Modem  mode。

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OpenVpn is software.  It's not a server.  Many servers run OpenVPN.  You provide no real diagnostics, incomplete information.   How can you possibly believe anyone will help you with so little effort on your part.  I am starting to believe you simply don't know what you are doing.  Here is a list of Servers.  There are many more than this one.  https://www.bestvpn.com/free-vpns/


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hello Struthian, I have a vpnserver ,computer->Packet Squirrel->Router It is possible to connect vpnserver 。 but  Change into  Router->wan->Packet Squirrel->Modem 。

Router Have a dial action,openvpn can not work, the service is not connected。I also do not know exactly where the problem lies, so I came to consult

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