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Diodamic - HoppEye port to PS

Dave-ee Jones

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Now, before everyone goes raging on about me copying HoppEye, this is a port of HoppEye for the Packet Squirrel and all credit for the idea goes to @H8.to.

Also, I haven't given up on PopsWRT. This is a quick payload I thought I would write, as it is very small, easy to do and seemed to be very popular. I didn't see a port for PS as of yet so I made a quick one and am releasing it here for anyone who wants it.

I haven't set it to actually move the payload chosen to a switch position, it just runs the corresponding .sh file.
E.g. If I choose magenta (default: 1), then it runs payload.sh in the "1" directory.


  1. Put the payload on either switch2 or switch3
  2. Once the payload has started (indicated by a magenta LED - or if you've changed it it will be the first LED) you can start choosing a payload
  3. Use the switch to choose a payload. The payload knows the original switch position and the current switch position
    • Decrease = LEFT of original switch position (e.g. starting switch = switch2, therefore switch1 is LEFT)
    • Increase = RIGHT of original switch position (e.g. starting switch = switch2, therefore switch3 is RIGHT)
    • Enter = BUTTON (press the button to start the selected payload - indicated by the LED flashing the colour chosen)
  4. You're done! It will run the payload chosen.

Default colour setup (can be seen in the payload.sh):

2. RED
8. OFF


Here's the link to the Github.

Feel free to add suggestions or report bugs here.
I know most of you would like the payload to go to a specific switch and that's easy done.

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Quick update!

  • Added 8th payload support - default colour is OFF
  • Added full payload support, allowing the user to launch a full payload from the corresponding directory in Diodamic's switch folder
    • E.g.  If I chose the Magenta payload it would source the script from "<diodamic-switch-dir>/1/payload.sh"
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