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Sir Haxalot

Sir Haxalot

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Middle aged, curious, dedicated and fun.

Occuparion:  lic. General contractor, electrician, plumber.  Autocad LT draftsman / architect

Skills:  Brilliant pianist.  Not so brilliant coder, Yellow belt hacker. [=<ninja] 

Interested mostly in OPSEC and social engineering tactics and strategies.  "Ghost in, get loot, Ghost out).  " I have a certain set of skills" with regard to real world mission planning for "social engineering" engagements.

I'd like to put together a set of OPSEC protocols for every hacker / privacy minded user to use that includes software, hardware and most importantly behavioural modification tactics to insure complete anonymity and null footprint excursions beyond your NIC and back again.  


I have my room booked at Caesars palace for Defcon 26. It will be my first.  No I'm not a Fed.

Hacking accomplishments:  please don't pee yourself laughing at this list.

1.  Set up blank laptop to run persistent Kali live from USB, with encrypted external drive.

2.  Set up and destroyed many VMs. Using the win 10 pro vm manager thingy.  Still confused on virtual networking. 

3.  I understand and use at least 4 Unix commands. (FnNoob)

4.  Have stared at endless captcha pages using For.

5.  Found lots of scary shit and lame ass scams  on Tor  hidden services.

So, yeah.  Hack on! 





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