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[PAYLOAD] Windows Persistent Reverse Shell

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Windows Persistent Reverse Shell for Bash Bunny

  • Author: 0dyss3us (KeenanV)
  • Version: 1.0


Opens a persistent reverse shell through NetCat on victim's Windows machine and connects it back to host attacker.

  • Targets Windows 10 (working on support for older versions)
  • Connection can be closed and reconnected at any time
  • Deploys in roughly 15-20 sec
  • Works with NetCat


Have a working Bash Bunny :)


Purple Setup
Amber (Single Blink) Installing and running scripts
Green Finished

Installation and Execution

  1. Plug in Bash Bunny in arming mode
  2. Move files from WindowsPersistentReverseShell to either switch folder
  3. Edit the persistence.vbs file and replace ATTACKER_IP with attacker's IP and PORT with whichever port you like to use (I use 1337 ?)
  4. Save the persistence.vbs file
  5. Unplug Bash Bunny and switch it to the position the payload is loaded on
  6. Plug the Bash Bunny into your victim's Windows machine and wait until the final light turns green (about 15-20 sec)
  7. Unplug the Bash Bunny and go to attacker's machine
  8. Listen on the port you chose in the persistence.vbs file on NetCat
    • Run the command nc -nlvp 1337 (replace the port with the port in persistence.vbs)
    • If using Windows as the attacker machine, you must install Ncat from: http://nmap.org/dist/ncat-portable-5.59BETA1.zip and use the command ncat instead of nc from the directory that you installed ncat.exe.
  9. Wait for connection (Should take no longer than 1 minute as the powershell command runs every minute)
  10. Once a Windows cmd prompt appears...YOU'RE DONE!! ? and you can disconnect and reconnect at any time as long as the user is logged in


Click here to download

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Going to play with this. Just curious, how come you don't do a pull request and have it put in the main GitHub?

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Actually, I just did :) it just hasn't gotten accepted yet. Apparently binaries are not accepted so I've made a couple changes.

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I just saw your project.  Some other advice with executables is you should not include programs from other programs..like netcat.exe is part of nmap licensed to them.  If you want your thing to be binary-less, look at Powercat.  Nishang also as a script or two in there for netcat compatible reverse shells.


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