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[PAYLOAD] Mac Persistent Reverse Shell


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Reverse Shell Mac for Bash Bunny

  • Author: 0dyss3us (KeenanV)
  • Version: 1.0


Opens a persistent reverse shell on victim's mac and connects it back to host attacker over TCP.

  • Targets MacOS (OSX may work but has not been tested)
  • Connection can be closed and reconnected at any time
  • Deploys in roughly 30 sec (working on making it faster)
  • Works well with NetCat as the listener


Have a working Bash Bunny :) and a victim with MacOS


Purple Setup
Amber (Single Blink) Installing connect.sh script
Amber (Double Blink) Creating cron job
White (Fast Blink) Cleaning up
Green Finished

Installation and Execution

  1. Plug in Bash Bunny in arming mode
  2. Move files from MacPersistentReverseShell to either switch folder
  3. Edit the connect.sh file and replace the placeholder IP with attacker's IP and the port with whichever port you like to use (I use 1337 ?)
  4. Save the connect.sh file
  5. Unplug Bash Bunny and switch it to the position the payload is loaded on
  6. Plug the Bash Bunny into your victim's Mac and wait until the final light turns green (about 30 sec)
  7. Unplug the Bash Bunny and go to attacker's machine
  8. Listen on the port you chose in the connect.sh file on whichever program you'd like (I use NetCat)
    • If using NetCat, run the command nc -nlvp 1337 (replace the port with the port in connect.sh)
  9. Wait for connection (Should take no longer than 1 minute as the cron job runs every minute)
  10. Once a bash shell prompt appears...YOU'RE DONE!! ? and you can disconnect and reconnect at any time as long as the user is logged in


Click here to download.

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There doesn't appear to be an easy way to do it by default (you would have to re-save each file individually), but there is a Chrome extension called GitZip that will allow you to select directories/files on the Github website and download them as zip files. I haven't tested it myself but others seem to have had success with it.

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