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Tetra Portable?? Yes it is!!!


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I picked up some of these 2dbi sma antennas for the tetra just for the hell of it and to see what kind of range I would get compared to stock.  I live in an apt building so I have a lot of wifi around me, with that said, comparing the 6 recon scans I did (3 with stock, 3 with shorties) I got roughly the same results.  Im assuming because of the amount of wifi around me.  These antennas make the tetra way more portable as long as your willing to carry the battery(s) to power it.  Ill report back when I have more results with these antenna.

https://www.data-alliance.net/antenna-dual-band-2-4ghz-5ghz-2dbi-omnidirectional-rp-sma-sma-options/  here is a link to the antenna.  



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1 hour ago, Foxtrot said:

Why does your NANO have holes in the top, out of curiosity?

I put heatsinks on the chips and drilled holes to help vent heat.  To be honest I dont think it does much

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