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Looking to buy or trade for Tetra

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Hey guys, new here to the forums, but not to netsec. I am looking to buy a Pineapple Tetra and was hoping anyone with one to sell contact me. Im here in the CONUS. In addition,I have some trades I would be willing to do for it? I have a literally brand new Steel Series Siberia 840 wireless gaming headset. Used it for about a 2 days, and back in the box it went as I just use my reference monitors for all my audio. Also, have some Bower & Wilkins P7's Bluetooth HiFi headphones with case I would also part with for the Tetra. For whoever is doing the trade would def be "trading up" as the Siberia 840's are $400.00 brand new, and the  B&W P7's are $400.00 brand new, $350.00 used. I buy and sell edged weapons/firearms gear all the time on other forums,  and can direct you to them to show Im no lame trying to scam. Let me know if intrested

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