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I've been given an old copy of this program, or rather the relevant files on a 3.5" floppy (the previous owner has upgraded). I know that has to be run from a bootable CD and, when I try to run PC Check from the command screen, it confirms this fact for me.

I have Nero and can create a bootable CD but how do I specify that it should launch Pccheck.exe rather than one of the other .exe files on the floppy that I have?

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Thank you - I'll look into that.

I did a sort of workaround. I used Nero to create a bootable CD and added all the files from the PC Check directory. When I booted to the CD, it gave me a DOS prompt from which I changed the drive to D: and then I could run PC Check. It would be easier if I can get autorun.inf to work. Looks like a bit of homework for over the Christmas period!

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