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[OFF TOPIC] Kali in Persistant mode is horrible


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After having dual boot for a while, I decided to have a change and switched to persistant usb, easy enough to setup and seemed ok for a couple of days, then it just went pear shaped, really laggy, problems with updates etc, not sure what was the problem but quick enough just to back up my few scripts and reinstall, this time i went for a full install but to a 1TB SS USB HDD, this seems much more stable, not to mention after having partitioned it all I now have a 1TB drive i can carry around with 750GB portable storage along with a fully fledged updated version of Kali in the same place, seemed like a win win until i realised that knocking the HDD or cable would cause Kali to crash lol, oh well we cant win at everything :)

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external hdd with full install seems to be a much better option, i think my cable or usb port is faulty which is causing the crashes, i was all hyped up for persistance but id say its more of a gimick


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