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Looking for someone! Wii launch!!! Please Look


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Hey all my name is Cody and I was at the Wii launch in Chino, California. When I was in line and meet 3 guys that where cool dudes in a loose mood. I was 22nd in line right behind you. Your friends names where ben and pat and I kind of forgot yours. I was wearing a jinx sweatshirt with jeans. I was drinking alot of mountain dew. Also I said i was going to sell my wii on ebay. Thats about all im going to say I dont want to give more of your info out or mine. I am posting this here because I heard you say you loved hak.5 and i just wanted to see if we can get in contact again.

So thanks alot

Cody :lol:

Sorry for my English I dont check it.

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If the person reading this is the intended individual, take it up with him via PM.

My personal suggestion to codywolf is to try IRC.

- locked -

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