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How safe is factory reset for the Bunny?


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How safe is it to use the factory reset feature? Will I run into problems if I use it an avarage of 3-4 times a day?

Here's the reasoning - I'm developing and testing a custom payload for the Bash Bunny and it involves installing extra tools from multiple sources (apt-get, pip, gcc). I want to keep the installation stage tidy and separate so that it's easy to install all components on a brand-new Bunny. In order to test a "clean install" I need to keep on resetting the Bunny.

Will I run into troubles down the road if I keep resetting the Bunny?

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I've reset mine a couple times a day with no problems.  Just make sure if your using the updater that the version.txt is still there.  I deleted a couple times and had problems resetting correctly

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