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where to start?


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Lol hey im pretty new to "hacking " so is there any specific place to start all ive basically done so far is make a line of code that pings a website over and over in an attempt to crash it it didn't work tho only slowed it down. And i also made that matrix thing aswell aswell as .bat file to instantly transfer files off a memory stick so i know a bit of bat bit of c and c++ aswell as java so bit of a bunch i just dont know where to start now 

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The fuirst thing imho is to know what ethics you want to follow. Do you want to help to improve cyber-security ord do you want to take down websites, write and spread malware?

If the latter, then this is the wrong place to look for help.

But if you want be one of good guys (IT ninjas :ph34r:) then you'll find supportive people here.

So for starters: Do you know what section you're most interested in? pentesting? networking? other areas?


We also have other topics with tips about how and where to start. Just check the search function (I'm too lazy right now, sorry ;) )

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