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Cable TV and CAT5e


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I have a computer in my bedroom that has a tv tuner in it. The coax cable that goes to that room has gone bad. I have done various tests and it is an obvious conclusion that the cable is bad. I put new ends on it, that didn't work. I even hooked that cable directly to the cable line coming into my house and it still didn't work. I know that it is not the tv tuner because it works fine on other cables throughout my house. My question is, is it possible to convert the cable tv signal to go through a CAT5e wire to my bedroom and then go back to the connector on the tv tuner? This would save me money from having to replace the coax wire when there is already CAT5e going to that room but it is not being used.

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Any one want to disagree? ;)

Yes please. The wires in Cat5(e) cable are twisted (you know, the T in UTP) which is precisely to counter electrical interference. I wouldn't worry too much about that.

The thing is, replacing a coax cable is CHEAP! These guys sell it at 1,30 per meter, and you can probably get it for less if you searched around a bit. Just buy some new quality coax, replace the wire and be happy.

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