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iLife Install on My developement mac?


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Im going to be performing the same install that Harrison did in season 1 episode 2 to get mac osx on my pc, i want to dual boot the two of them with mac sitting on my slave. If i purchased iLife would I be able to install it into the mac side of things and run it at an acceptable speed with my 2.2 ghz processor and 1.5 gigs of ram?

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i haven't actually installed yet, im downloading the torrent as we speak, however i don't know if im getting the right thing...

my processor supports both SSE2 and SSE3 and i do not want to emulate mac, i want to run it natively on my hard drive.


There's the torrent that i'm using right now... is that the right one...im looking to do what they did on the show. I'll put the image file on a portable hard drive and then image it to the slave drive in my machine. Is this the fastest possible way that i can run OSx86?

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Just buy an old Mac of eBay, it’s a lot more usable and if you want to use the few pieces of software that are for MacOS that are truly great like Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, Source-Connect and QuarkXPress which are the only reason I could see for running OSX (well that and software testing).

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