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What did i wrong?


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Hello everyone,

first of all i m not a english native speaker, so please forgive grammar and typo.

I purchased a BB and finally received (happy - loving tech stuff). I need some help regarding bash bunny payloads. Currently almost all of the library payloads that i tried don't work.

Now my questions is: what did i miss to do?

Here are the steps that i did:

1) Download bunny updater and updated bunny to version 1.5_298

2) Download hak5 git repository and copied libraries and language folders to BB

3) Set config.txt to DUCKY_LANG de (de for germany keyboard layout)

4) Installed impacket, responder, gohttp on BB (logged in into BB Linux Terminal via Putty and tried to installed impacket (python setup.py install))


After these steps i copied payload like WiPassDump, PasswordGrabber or simple-usb-extractor, or MAC-payloads(tried payloads on WIN10 and MACOSX) into the switch folders and tried them. The looted-directories were always empty.

Only the payload "BlackBackup" worked.


Do u have any suggestions for what to do? In general do u guys write your payloads yourself?


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I generally write my own payloads, but it's strange your payloads didn't work.

Also, I don't think you have to run the setup.py file once you've put Impacket in the tools folder and 'restarted' the Bunny.

It's possible it is a language issue as those payloads we're originally made for the us layout. Check to make sure there's no keyboard changes in the payloads, and even try adding the line to change the layout in the payload as the config might not be running properly.

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On 19/12/2017 at 4:20 PM, zackthemack said:

Now my questions is: what did i miss to do?


Could you be more specific about what goes wrong? I'm a BB newbie as well, but generally speaking it is difficult to explain why software is going wrong without a precise description of the behaviour... ;)
Apparently, you seem to be partially in the same case as me: MacOS + local keyboard layout (cf. the topic I recently opened about my problem). At this point, I would say the xx.json files that are available do not fit well exotic setups like a Mac with a non QWERTY keyboard. I have not tested yet on PC setups, but it could easily explain a failure on a lot of payloads relying on simulation of a HID keyboard.


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