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Pineapple Juice 4000 - What the .... It's growing in size


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I have a Pineapple Juice 4000 that I purchased at the beginning of the year... (I think).

It would have been charged about 5 times...

I charged it a couple of weeks ago.  Looked at it this morning and the case had been forced open by the expanding lithium battery.  The battery now has a thickness of 15mm. The Pineapple Juice 4000 case when closed measures less than 10mm (and that is an outside measurement.  Interestingly, it is still holding its charge. If I push the voltage test, all the LEDs come on... 


Has anyone else had battery failures in this way?



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Anytime a Lithium battery is growing, that's not good.   Take the support ticket from Foxtrot, keep it in some sort of plastic container that can let off pressure (eg: tupperware) and - keep it outside.    Take  a photo of it for documentation purposes and follow foxtrots instructions on returning it.

These type of battery issues are usually not completely under the Vendors control. It's a part that they got from somewhere else.


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