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Specific use and AH consumption over time


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I realize the maximum Ampere Hour (AH) consumption for the Tetra but in an actual engagement, it will be lower.  There may be bursts of high consumption and then periods that are reasonably idle.  I am looking then for particular engagements, what you ran, how often you ran it, and what the AH usage was over many usage cycles and hours.   Sharing this will help people plan how long a Tetra can run on a particular battery (such as the one included in the Tactical) before it needs to be recovered from the site.

You don't have to be too specific about the design of the engagement, just generally what you did and what percent of a particular battery was then consumed - thus your AH estimate for the engagement.  I also plan on studying this question at a later date and sharing the results, actually measuring AH.

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