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Converting omni-directional wifi to directional


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I have a Alpha AWUS036NHA wireless adapter. Its fun having the extra power. But I'd like to mess around with with a directional antenna.

Is there an easy way to convert the standard Alpha AWUS036NHA to be directional?  Can I mount it in a Pringles can or something?

I'd prefer not to damage the current unit in the process... if possible.

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12 hours ago, barry99705 said:

Uhh, unscrew the omni antenna, and attach a directional.

This! Love it.

Technically speaking, you could create a faraday cage around an antenna (a pringles can would do just fine, or polished copper is good), with a slit on one side at the same width of the beam you require (or simply the hole in the top of the can), but to be honest this is a complete waste of time and effort when you consider that a decent directional antenna is a few bucks. It'd probably work like crap too, as an Omni would push to signal initially out in the wrong directions, so you'll be relying on bounced signals only, which would probably be rubbish.

Heck, you can get a 20+db antenna for £50/$70.

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the simplest and best performing Mod you could make is a wind surfer. a parabolic curve can focus radio waves a long distance.


Andrew McNeil on youtube I suggest you watch all his videos.



This is my old setup, just a example of a 3d printed wind surfer. You could use cardboard and aluminum foil and have something working in 15 minutes.


My next suggestion is to not bother with 2.4ghz. packet loss is a huge factor with crowded interfering networks.


with 5.8 ghz and a parabola I can achieve insane download speeds from a long distance. Typically 5.8ghz wont even reach the front yard. I'm roughly 500 feet away and streaming hd movies with out a single packet lost.


My current antenna setup is 2 hand made 5.8ghz dipole antennas, both are  mounted to a single 3d printed Parabolic dish.

8inch tall

10inch wide

40mm focal point.

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